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The Club has reached an agreement with the pharmaceutical company Brill Pharma, responsible for the distribution in Spain of the HYLO® range, which belongs to the German group Ursapharm. This agreement will not only benefit the Club, but will also increase the visibility of the HYLO® brand and Brill Pharma in the world of soccer and among the passionate fans of Girona FC. This alliance demonstrates the Club's commitment to excellence and its willingness to collaborate with leading brands in the market. The HYLO® range of dry eye care products is the benchmark for dry eye care in Spain.

The agreement, which will run until the end of the season, will see HYLO® appear on the sleeve of the playing shirt and on the training kits of the first team.

About Brill Pharma

Brill Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company in ophthalmology, founded in 2012 with sites in Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Mumbai, Malaysia and United States that primarily researches, develops and markets products for eye health and is expanding into other countries and other therapeutic areas.

Its philosophy is based on applied research, the value of its human resources and active listening to its customers and prescribers. In the field of research, Brill Pharma's main commitment is the development of products that cover unmet needs. Since its foundation, it has been the architect of the launch of more than 30 products. The company in Spain and Portugal is made up of a team of 130 professionals, with an experienced sales network in the pharmaceutical sector.

About Ursapharm

Ursapharm is a leading German company in the ophthalmology sector. Since its founding in 1974, the pharmaceutical manufacturer has developed into a globally operating group of companies. Numerous innovative products and patents secure the company's future and offer excellent working conditions and promising future prospects for more than 500 highly qualified employees at the headquarters in Saarbrücken and in the sales countries. The company has its own subsidiaries in France, the Benelux countries, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Portugal, Russia, India, Italy and Switzerland, as well as cooperation agreements with business partners in more than 80 countries.