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Marlex will be the partner of Girona FC for the next three seasons. For Marlex, this alliance represents more than a simple territorial connection, it is a link between our philosophy and the values ​​that Girona FC represents.
About Marlex
Marlex is a leading Human Resources company specialized in Talent Research.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the sector and a wide network of offices in the territory, positioning us as one of the 5 leading firms in the country and one of the fastest growing in recent years.

We share a journey with more than 5,000 companies that trust our services and specialized equipment.

Talent Provider:
At Marlex we select professionals whose eyes shine. We believe that the key in the search for talent is to go beyond a resume and identify people who shine for their attitude, their passion and their commitment to the project. Values ​​and team spirit that are also transmitted by all the members of Girona FC and that allow the club to compete at the highest level.