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SISA: the club’s mascot!

We welcome a new member of our red and white family. Welcome, SISA!

SISA is a funny fly who lives at Mosquilivi, and she is going to be around the stadium cheering for our team, playing with the fans and annoying those who don’t cheer for the team. hehe

Flies are closely linked to the history of the city of Girona and the Saint Narcís legend too. It represents the defence of the city and the hope that, even after losing a battle, war can still win the war. Sisa is humble, restless, a teamplayer and a fighter when defending the city and the team, characteristics of Girona FC which are very well represented with her.

According to medieval chronicles, at 1286, while Girona was besieged by French troops, a group of french soldiers entered in Sant Feliu’s Church with the intention of destroying the bishop’s tomb. After doing that, large flies came out of his body and they attacked the French soldiers and their horses, causing many deaths and making them run away from the city. The fly of Sant Narcís represents this defence of the city and the fighting spirit, even if everything seems lost.

Elected by the club members!

The club began a survey to choose their new mascot where the members had the final decision. A first survey was launched to choose which city legend would represent the mascot.

The fly of Saint Narcís was the clear winner with more than a 55% of the votes. The club members decided that it represented the club and the city better than the other two legends, also female characters, the ‘lleona’ and the ‘cocollona’. It was time to name the mascot and the members had the opportunity to propose a name. The majority part of the proposals were aligned with the name of SISA, a diminutive of ‘Narcisa’, and therefore this is the name our mascot was called.

SISA will perfectly represent the values and feelings of the club and the city of Girona. She will be another fan of the club and will cheer for our team to lead us to the victory!