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On August 14th 1970 Montilivi Stadium, the new pearl of the city, was inaugurated. It was the second field available to Girona, after Vista Alegre had served for almost 50 years. At the beginning of the 1967-68 season the board planned the construction of a new field that, in addition to offering four times more space than the Vista Alegre Stadium, would be patrimony of the club. The dream came true and in the 1970’s summer the Club was able to offer fans three consecutive elite football days: on August 14th, the opening match between Girona FC and FC Barcelona and on 15th and 16th, the first edition of the Costa Brava trophy with these semi-finals: Borussia Neurnkirchen (Germany) - Valencia CF and RCD Espanyol - San Lorenzo de Almagro (Argentina).

Girona FC - FC Barcelona gathered 25,000 spectators in Montilivi (absolute full). Barça won 3-1. The team presented by the blaugrana was the following: Reina, Rifé, Eladio, Gallego, Torres, Fusté, Reixach, Dueñas, Bustillo, Zabalza and Marcial. Vivolas scored Girona's first goal in Montilivi.

Fourteen years after the inauguration, Girona FC lost heritage with the municipality of Montilivi, an emergency solution approved during a tumultuous assembly. The debts shook the entity and there was a serious risk that the club would produce a power vacuum. Jordi Geli would leave the presidency and Joan Mis would succeed him.

On September 17th 2018, Girona City Council’s Plenary Session agreed to definitively approved the awarding of the stadium's concession to the Club for a period of 50 years.

In 2020, the Montilivi celebrates its 50th anniversary.