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10 out of 12 would be ideal but it will be a very difficult game

Míchez Sánchez, satisfied, considers that the Club has taken a step forward with the new incorporations.

"We are very happy with how the team has turned out after the market. We have lost important players but the Club has taken a step forward and we have put together a very good team. We are very well balanced in all lines and we can have a great season. The new additions are ready to play tomorrow".

"The loss of Santi Bueno is important but if the Club wants to grow it must take advantage of market opportunities and this was one of them. Now we have Eric who will give us much needed things for me. He is a type of player that we would not be able to do right now if he had not wanted to come".

"Solis can play 6 and 8, he is young, and he will give us a lot. He's also coming on the Club's property. He has quality in defence and also in attack. Eric can play in any position in defence and also as a centre, although I see him more as a playmaker. For me, he is one of the best in the world in ball control. Portu has lost money to come here but he is a player who wanted to come back. He is a player who can play in three or four positions in attack. All those who have arrived are good people and good people make great teams".

"Las Palmas is a team that hurts in possession. We have to play a great game when pressing and make a lot of passes in the opposition half. They are capable of making you feel uncomfortable on the pitch. With the ball they are a very good team. We have to have aggression, intensity and be very good at pressing.

"Taking 10 out of 12 points would be ideal and would allow us to go into the break with peace of mind". "Las Palmas played better than the result they got, so it will be a very difficult game".

"In the last hours of the market I lived them calmly. I had spoken to Eric and Portu and I knew that they only wanted to be here".

"Jhon has very good characteristics in attack and defence, but we can't compare him to Oriol Romeu, that's not good for him or for anyone. Aleix is playing there and doing well, we have the resources to do well in that position."

"The league will put us in our place but we are ready to compete with them and I'm sure the fans will be proud of us."