Ticket Purchase Policy


    All tickets offered for sale through the Club's different sales platforms are located in the Girona FC supporters' area.

    If you wish to purchase tickets in the away section, please contact the visiting Club in each case. Girona FC reserves the right of admission if attending the stadium as an away fan in the home supporters' area.

    LaLiga confirms the date and time of each match between 15 and 20 days before the provisional date, and the match may be played on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

    Once the purchase has been made, no changes or refunds will be allowed, except in cases of force majeure, understood as an unavoidable and unforeseeable circumstance that makes it impossible to hold the sporting event.


    Girona FC reminds that the fraudulent and/or malicious use of the tickets made available to its members, season ticket holders, supporters and the public is strictly forbidden.

    The resale of tickets is strictly forbidden and will be subject to a serious infringement and corresponding sanction, which may be considered very serious if it is repeated over time.


    All the infractions and sanctions foreseen for non-compliance with the ticket purchase policy are set out in Girona FC Internal Regulations.

    These regulations, contained in Title VI "Infractions and sanctions", will also be applicable, by analogy, to supporters and the public attending the stadium, in everything that may be applicable to members and season ticket holders.

    In addition to the provisions of article 20.2 of Royal Decree 203/2010, of 26 February, approving the Regulation on the prevention of violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, the following shall be grounds for preventing access to or remaining in the stadium:

    "In addition, the ticket holder agrees not to transmit, distribute, sell (or assist in doing so) any description, annotation, image, video, audio, data, statistic or other form of reproduction of the event, except for personal and private use, and failure to comply with any of these obligations shall also constitute grounds for not being allowed to remain in the sports venue."

    The following will be cause for expulsion from the sports venue:

    "Carrying out performances as a visiting fan in the local area, when it involves a risk to public safety and order".

  1. Aplicable Law and Regulations

    • Reglamento Interno del recinto deportivo del Girona FC.

    • Ley 10/1990, de 15 de octubre, del Deporte.

    • Ley 19/2007, de 11 de julio, contra la Violencia, el Racismo, la xenofobia y la intolerancia en el Deporte.

    • Real Decreto 203/2010, de 26 de febrero por el que se aprueba el Reglamento de prevención de la Violencia, el Racismo, la Xenofobia y la Intolerancia en el Deporte.