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Girona FC is fully committed to ensuring a safe and positive environment for children and individuals with special needs who participate in our activities.

Girona FC takes its responsibilities regarding the safeguarding of these groups very seriously, which means we are fully committed to promoting the right of children and parents to be and feel safe within our facilities, the safety, needs, and well-being of children; creating a safe environment for all participants, visitors, and staff of the Club; and having and promoting clear systems to address any issues or concerns.

This protection system includes, among others, the following tools:

  • We have a Protocol of actions for the protection of minors and individuals with special needs.
  • We have a Code of Conduct for professionals and other individuals who are in contact with children and adolescents.
  • We carry out risk identification and protection measures as part of the planning of any action involving children and adolescents.
  • We have a Protocol of Action in the event of detecting any suspicion or evidence of violation of the rights of a minor.
  • We provide training to all Girona FC employees on child protection, especially to personnel who have the closest contact with minors and individuals with special needs.
  • We conduct prevention activities with minors and their families.


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Decalogue of Actions for Girona FC Workers

How to respond to a concern?


For any questions or concerns related to Child Protection, please send an email to