Girona reacts late at Coliseum Alfonso Pérez

The white-and-reds fall at a minimum before the Getafe in a very bad first part, and an insufficient reaction to a good second act by Míchel



Girona leaves empty from his visit to the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez after a very bad first part and a reaction that has not been enough to add some points to the second part. Castellanos and Miguel have been the goalscorers of Girona in a result that allows Girona to win the goal average particular in Getafe.

The beginning of the first part was to forget. Enes Ünal has opened the score in the second minute in a loss of ball from Girona. Alexios has proven his fortune by far, but Soria has stopped the timid white-and-red reaction in two strokes. In the 14th minute, Getafe made the second at a penalty point in a center that hit Javi Hernández's hand. Tsygankov, just two minutes later, tested Soria, but the local goalkeeper reacted well. Getafe has continued to search for the gazzaniga goalkeeper despite 2–0, and found the third-party award before the break with a Mayoral finish from the front.

At the break, Míchel made a triple change giving entry to Miguel, Valery and David López. And the gyrenine reaction did not take long to arrive. Castellanos took advantage of a fantastic counter-coup to make the 3–1 with good assistance from Tsygankov. Míchel's men have insisted on the second goal, which has been missed 10 by the end in a dry kick by Miguel who has beaten Soria. In the final stretch, Girona has tried to leave Getafe at some point, but this has not been possible.

He was demoted by the minimum of Girona on his visit to the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez. Despite the score, white-and-red wins the particular average in Getafe. Míchel's return to the competition on Monday at the Stade de Montilivi opposite Atlético.