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Girona beat Athletic in a best-selling Fire Final

David López's and Ivan Martín's goals allow Girona to add three gold points

The game has started with two brave teams. Miguel had the first occasion of the match with a shot that went over the visiting goal. Soon after, Toni Villa topped off after a corner service. Valery was the third to attempt this, but his finish did not find goalkeeping either. On the 15th game, Aleix Garcia was about to surprise Unai Simón with a foul pitch. The first visitor arrived in the 21st minute with a coup by I.aki Williams at the hands of Gazzaniga. In the last section of the first half, Gazzaniga safely refused a visiting shot, and Unai Simón another one by Aleix Garcia.

The first part of the second part was white-and-red. A shot of Castellanos was rejected by Unai Simón. The replica was by Nico Williams, who made Gazzaniga appear. In a corner service, David López turned and topped the side of the network in a clear opportunity for Girona. Around the time of the game, Castellanos wanted to present the goal to Valery, but De Marcos reacted when Girona was already singing the goal. And in a center of Aleix Garcia, came the white-and-red goal. David López topped the bottom of the network to advance Girona. In a long ball, Iv.n Martín made the second surpassing Unai Simón. Despite 2–0, Athletic did not surrender, and Guruzeta cut distances just over ten minutes into the final. In the final stretch, Girona suffered and added a very important victory to an entity rival like Athletic.

Three gold points to add four of the last six points and face the last match before the stop with the maximum energy possible.