Girona beats Bolívar 2-0 and wins the 45th Costa Brava Trophy

The game had to be suspended in the 70th minute when the power went out of the stadium due to a general blackout that has affected the entire municipality.


06/08/2022 22:15

Girona has been the clear dominator of the first part and the one that has enjoyed more dangerous occasions. After a few minutes of scoring, Míchel's men have taken control of the game. And Taty Castellanos, the scorer this preseason, has shown it in the ninth minute. The Argentine fired a powerful shot and the ball went out to the right of Cordano's goal. Samu Saiz was also one of the highlights of the first half with his passes into space that teammates like Couto or Joel Roca were about to turn into a goal. This ability to generate danger was rewarded in the nineteenth minute when, after a great combination started by Ureña, Samu sent the ball to Miguel Gutierrez and his shot hit the crossbar. Taty Castellanos took advantage of the rebound and finished it off at the back of the net, making the scoreboard 1-0 and adding her third goal of the preseason in three games.

In the second half, the people from Girona also took the initiative and soon Terrats put Cordano in trouble, who deflected his shot. In the fifty-second minute, an act of misfortune by Bolívar caused a sky-blue defender to try to move a ball away from the goal, sending him into the back of the net itself, becoming the second goal for the Girona team. But despite this action Bolívar has not lowered his arms and has continued to press to try to reduce differences, although Girona, well positioned, has neutralized them.

Unfortunately when the seventieth minute was reached, the power went out in the stadium due to a problem that has affected the entire municipality. The supply could not be recovered and the match has been suspended.

08 OCT

16:15 Wanda Metropolitano


Day8 Atlético de Madrid - Girona FC