Girona FC starts a consultative process to renew the Club's badge

For the first time in Club's history, members will be able to give their opinion on the new design. The aim of the renewal of our emblem is to reinforce the identity while preserving the red and white essence and to make the badge more recognisable in the formats in which it is applied.


08/04/2021 16:00

Girona FC will launch a consultative process at the end of this season to renew the Club's badge. The initiative will allow members to express their opinion on what they want our emblem to look like, for the first time in ninety years club’s history. The goal is that the new badge will be an evolution of the current one but to represent better the values of the Club, the fans and the territory, maintaining the red and white essence and optimising the elements that conform it. The new crest will be unveiled at the start of the 2022/2023 season.

 90th anniversary

 This year we are commemorating Girona's 90th anniversary and it is an unbeatable moment to look at the past, reflect on the present and build for the future, and there are few more identifying elements than the badge itself that links fans and players to the club. Footballers and supporters kissing or pointing to the badge when celebrating a goal has become an iconic image that demonstrates the power of this symbol. That is why we believe that keeping all the great value of our past, it is time to take a step into the future.

 Renewing to reinforce the identity

One of the main objectives of this renovation is to reinforce the Club's identity without losing any of club’s essence and the elements and colours that define it. To achieve this, we want the Girona’s badge to be easily recognisable in all the formats in which it is applied, cleaning our crest to make it even more iconic.

One of the highlights of this essence is the territory that welcomes us. In the current design of the coat of arms, the word Girona is not displayed strongly enough and in some formats it is difficult to read. We would therefore like the word that defines us as a city and province -GIRONA- to increase its presence.

The voice of the fans will be heard for the first time

We are aware of the symbolic weight of the crest and any changes it may undergo. At no time in the Club's history has had the opinion of the Club's members, not even in the last significant change that took place to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the foundation of Girona FC, in 2005, when the design changed to a predominant red instead of the previous white predominant as before.

The Club will offer all the information regarding the different badges used in these ninety years history and the elements that compose it, prepared in collaboration with Josep Maria Fonalleras, writer and member of the Adviser’s Council. All this information will be present in the exhibition about the club’s anniversary that will be open to public from 1st to 31st on July at Espai Santa Caterina, in Girona.  

But this time will be different. Now the official members, through a digital consultative process that will take place this summer, will be part of the update of our badge and the renewal of the shield will be designed following their comments. A badge that will be debuted on the shirt for the 2022/2023 season. Faithful, then, to a phrase from our anthem: "Millor si som molts més, tots junts ho podem fer" (Better if we are many more, all together we can do it).