Girona fights until the end, but ends up falling at the Power Horse Stadium

Riquelme and Stuani's goals are not enough to score against Almeria


20/10/2022 21:07

Míchel returned to the line of four during the visit to Almeria. Arnau, Santi Bueno, Bernardo and Miguel formed her, in a match where the other major novelty was the joint presence of Stuani and Taty at starting eleven. The first arrival was white-and-red with a Riquelme finish above the local goal. About the quarter of an hour, the Almeria advanced with a Baptistao head finish that Juan Carlos was unable to reach. Minutes later, a misunderstanding between Bernardo and Juan Carlos allowed El Bilal Touré to score 2–0. Shortly to reach the break, Embarba made the third with a missing score.

The second half started fantastically for Girona interests. Riquelme cut distances with a shot from outside the area that Fernando surpassed. Girona cheered up and Santi Bueno topped the top of a spicy head in a good center of Aleix Garcia. With just over ten minutes to complete, Fernando stopped a maximum penalty at Stuani. Only two minutes later, Stuani was able to beat Fernando in a new penalty for the Girona. In the last minute of the extra time, Yangel beat Fernando, but the referee overturned the goal due to the alleged lack of Girona footballer.

He defeated the minimum of Girona in Almeria in a match where Míchel's went from less to more and deserved more after a fantastic second half. Sunday, another opportunity to join Montilivi in front of CA Osasuna.

J10 LaLiga Santander

3-2 Go Live
  • Fernando
  • Mendes
  • Ely
  • Sergio Akieme
  • Babic
  • Robertone (83')
  • C. de la Hoz
  • Melero (63')
  • Léo Baptistão (63')
  • Embarba (71')
  • El Bilal Touré (83')


  • Portillo (84')
  • Eguaras
  • Martin Svidersky
  • Largie Ramazani (64')
  • Samuel Costa (64')
  • Arnau Puigmal Martínez
  • Dyego Sousa
  • Kaiky
  • Pacheco
  • Pozo (72')
  • Chumi (84')
  • Lázaro
  • Juan Carlos
  • Bernardo
  • Arnau Martinez (68')
  • Miguel Gutiérrez (78')
  • Santiago Bueno
  • Herrera
  • Oriol Romeu
  • Rodrigo Riquelme (78')
  • Aleix García
  • Stuani
  • Taty Castellanos (68')


  • Paulo Gazzaniga
  • Fuidias
  • Javi Hernández
  • Samu Sáiz
  • Yan Couto (69')
  • Valery Fernández (79')
  • David López
  • Manu Vallejo (69')
  • R. Terrats
  • Iván Martín
  • Toni (79')


Power Horse Stadium (11.194 spectators)


  • 1-0 (13'). Léo Baptistão
  • 2-0 (17'). El Bilal Touré
  • 3-0 (38'). Embarba
  • 3-1 (47'). Rodrigo Riquelme
  • 3-2 (83'). Stuani (p)


Guillermo Cuadra Fernández awarded Largie Ramazani (85') from UD Almería y Herrera (5'), Santiago Bueno (36'), Bernardo (92') from Girona FC.

05 FEB

16:15 Estadio Municipal de Montilivi


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