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Meet La Canya, the official dog of Girona FC

Montilivi met the dog on Sunday who will be, from now on, a prominent member of the white-and-red family

Girona is the cane, and the Cane is also Girona, because from now on the club has its official Girona FC dog. Another action of the first pet-friendly club in the world, which wants to convey the values ​​of animal respect and care for pets.

La Canya is a 4-year-old labrador retriever, trained for intervention with children, the elderly and used to large volumes of people. She is very calm and sociable, especially with the girls and boys who approach her.

She is also a dog with a lot of energy, she loves to participate in various activities and do some "tricks" for fun. Like all white-and-red fans, she is driven crazy by soccer balls and her weak point is pigeons, which she can't stop chasing.

First walk through Montilivi

In the preview of the game, Canya was in the Fan Zone of Gol Sud and took photos and received the attention of all the fans who came to meet her.

Before the start of the match, Canya made a presentation lap around the Montilivi lawn to meet all the white-and-red fans. You can also follow her on social media through her official Instagram profile: @Canya_GironaFC