Quique Cárcel: "If the Club settles in the First Division we will be able to do great things"

The sporting director of Girona FC reviewed today the signings and the start of the team's new stage in Primera


12/09/2022 13:40

"The last day was long. Players arrived with whom we had spoken days ago. The clubs, the agents, the players... all influence to reach an agreement. Toni and Manu ended up going out in the end because their clubs wanted it that way."

"We started planning from minute 1. We talked to all the players. We told Ortolá that he had to leave. When the opportunity came for him to go to another team, we couldn't stop him, out of respect for him. We wanted an important goalkeeper. We had it close, but it didn't happen." "We had options from many goalkeepers. It has not been a pleasant situation. With Juan Carlos we were calm, but it was urgent to incorporate another. At the last minute we did these two. They weren't the first choice because they weren't on the market, but when they were, we went for them."

"A month and a week without signing was long. I have always said that I work by doing what I feel. On June 21, we set goals with my work team and I think 80% of the first choices have been made."

"The market was very complicated due to all the factors. We know the idea of ​​the master and the concerns he had. The master went completely hand in hand with us and we worked with the same idea. It was very hard to be without signing for 6 weeks. I recognize it".

"We have to put the notes at the end of the season. Now everything is very nice, but we know the difficulties we will encounter. The First Division commands a lot of respect. We worked with an idea: to bring a lot of talent, it is fundamental to the idea of ​​the game of the master but we also needed experience".

Good planning

"It's my ninth year working with the property. They are not people who create pressure on us, they create unity and there is a lot of talk about football. This makes for very good planning. Having this way of doing things makes the first they are from City. This gives us a little indication of where to go."

"We went up on June 19. Before we couldn't sign anyone. I would like to plan 3 months in advance, but it was not feasible. If we were in Segona today it would be something else. To have players in ownership, Girona must be in the First Division for many years".

"We are the team with the least history in the First Division. We must have more humility. We all want to be in Primera, but we have to know where we come from. If we are able to go hand in hand and the club settles in the First Division we can do very important things".

"I consider that each market is different and difficult. I feel that the idea we have with the mister can confirm that we have made a good market. I was very lucky to have signed Míchel. It makes things very easy for me. We are very similar."

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