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"We have to improve many things but I think we will have a great season"

Míchel Sánchez's press conference previous to Sunday's match against Betis

"We can have a great match against Betis."
"David López already had a problem with his Achilles tendon in Mallorca. Although it is a small injury, it is better to stop to prevent it from getting worse. The layoff will not be longer than two or three weeks."
"Not losing to Sevilla would be very good for us."
"We have shown the level to ourselves. We have to improve many things but I think we will have a great season. For me it is a very nice challenge to face in what I think will be a great year."
"To give the best of each of us we have to get to know each other and that's why we will do a stage in Olot next week. We started the competition without knowing each other and that will be fine for us."
"We have few points for the merits we have made. We could have two more for sure. I am not happy with 7 out of 15. We will go further. The competition will tell if we are capable."
"We know the difficulty of the match against Betis. It will be a special match for Borja Iglesias who has just been called up by the national team. But Betis is much more, they are a very good team but if we want to win the three points we have to play a game perfect in defense and attack. We have to take a step forward."
"Betis is the second team with less possession in the opponent's field. With few touches and a lot of verticality they can hurt you."
"Our mentality and personality and how we do things will depend on whether we can score."
"The fact that there are three players called up with the national team means that the Club is doing things very well."