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Work to regenerate the Montilivi turf begins

With the season over, work has begun to regenerate the stadium's grass. The work consists of removing all the natural grass and replanting.

In 2017 the hybrid grass was installed at Montilivi; 97% natural and 3% artificial. Since then, the stadium has been equipped with the latest technology in terms of green surface. The same hybrid turf at Montilivi is used in stadiums such as San Mamés, Camp Nou and Bernabéu, as well as in the Premier League and NFL.

The hybrid turf includes twenty million synthetic fibres, introduced at a depth of eighteen centimetres, around which the roots of the natural grass are twisted and made stronger. This technology can cope with three times the playing resistance of natural grass. In addition, a hybrid grass pitch also stands up much better to adverse weather.

All the work now being carried out at the stadium will ensure that the turf will be in top condition next season.