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Girona FC and City Football Group expand their collaboration with the Red Cross' project for School Success

The Club's contribution comes from members that donated their compensation to social projects and has been doubled by the CFG.

Girona FC is commited to their community, even more in this circumstances. The Club raised money donated by their members, and the City Football Group Foundation has matched this donation in a 1:1 ratio.

The project to promote School Success is a socio-educational intervention that aims to contribute to increasing the school performance of children and young people aged 6 to 16, who belong to families at risk and that has been successfully developing Red Cross in the province of Girona during the recent years.

With Club's help, Red Cross will provide psychological and material support as well as mentorship, which allows children with difficulties to continue their studies successfully and not drop out of school prematurely, also promotes healthy habits through specific workshops and provides healthy eating for them during the activitie.

Club’s initiative is part of the City Football Group’s global "Cityzens Giving for Recovery" campaign launched by the CFG Foundation in the summer of 2020 that wants to deliver over one million pounds in help for the communities around their 10 clubs.

The collaboration is presented in a key moment, because this year is expected to increase the number of families affected by the pandemic and the adaptation to the prevention measures that aply to this circumstances. For this reason, the Red Cross' "School Success" project has adapted the activities both in person and in a virtual format.

The funding of Girona FC and CFG Foundation aims to guarantee this project until June 2021, with an eye on the end of the year and thus ensure the continuity of the initiative.