Members will choose the new Club's badge between two proposals

On Wednesday voting will be open for Members after the first consultative process


16/08/2021 11:58

On Wednesday the Club will launch two versions of the shield, designed based on the responses of the Members in the consultative process carried out in July. It will therefore be the Members who will decide the shield of the Club in this second and final phase. From Wednesday, voting between the two versions to choose the one that represents better the organization. The voting process will end on 19 September. The presentation of the results will be in the autumn of this year but the new shield will not officially start to be used until July 1, 2022.

These two versions have been designed following the opinions and assessments that the Members themselves expressed in the consultative process carried out in July. These results give a generic view of the elements best valued by the Members (the Catalan flag, the red and white colors, the name of the club and the representative waters of the city) but these scores show a clear decrease when asked about the crown that appears on the current shield. This element is the only one that does not have a positive result.

On the other hand, although for much of Girona FC history the circumference surrounding the shield had been white, Members have mostly voted to keep the current red color in 87% of cases. The Club has followed these guidelines to offer two versions of shield that respect these opinions but at the same time suppose two clearly differentiated designs and that follow the axes of improvement that are sought: Simplify, modernize, reinforce the identity preserving the red-and-white essence and highlight the word GIRONA.

The club's crest has historically been subject to various modifications, the most relevant being the year of the 75th anniversary from which comes, basically, the current design. On that occasion some inappropriate changes were made (such as separating the crown from the coat of arms of the city or changing the color of the waters, this was corrected later), increasing the number of diagonal stripes and the inclination of these, reducing the size of the name of the Club, but also others such as the change of the color of the border to red that has taken root among the girona fans.

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